Standards, Granularity, and Equity: EnergyTag Launches its New Standard for Ensuring Verifiable 24/7 CFE

16:00 CET
12 Mar 2024
17:30 CET
12 Mar 2024

The webinar will highlight the importance of verifying 24/7 CFE and will see EnergyTag launch the second version of its standards. It will be the first of a series that will delve into the definitions, principles, certifications, and practical implementation of a comprehensive 24/7 CFE monitoring system. We aim to explore how stakeholders, including governments, can strategically navigate the journey towards 24/7 CFE, with a particular focus on factors such as granularity and hourly matching.

Ensuring the success of the 24/7 CFE movement requires stakeholders to drive decarbonisation of grids both in the global North and South. It also requires robust and verifiable claims of hourly matched electricity. This is vital in building trust and providing guarantees for consumers that they are receiving the clean power they purchase.

EnergyTag, a non-profit organization and key signatory of the UN 24/7 CFE Compact, plays a pivotal role in developing standards for hourly electricity tracking with Granular Certificates. Their focus on how to hourly match these certificates to load in a robust, verifiable manner, without double counting, adds a critical layer to the discussion. EnergyTag will launch the second version of its standards in this webinar.

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