Delivering Truly Clean Hydrogen with 24/7 CFE

11:00 EST
27 Apr 2023
12:00 EST
27 Apr 2023

When it comes to clean hydrogen, a robust body of research consistently identifies a strong emissions accounting system for grid-connected electrolysis that espouses three pillars: additionally, deliverability, and hourly matching. These three principles are considered necessary to guard against substantial emissions increases and drive the deployment of truly low or zero emitting hydrogen projects. They have recently been adopted in the European Union for Renewable Hydrogen and are at the core of the ongoing debate in the United States as it defines the criteria to qualify for the clean hydrogen tax credit in the Inflation Reduction Act. How important are the three pillars for managing emissions? How can they be applied in practice? Can hydrogen projects that satisfy the three pillars be cost competitive? This webinar brings leading experts to answer these questions and more. Hope you can join us! 


The video containing the full presentation can be found here:  Delivering Truly Clean Hydrogen with 247 CFE - YouTube