Strengthening South-South Cooperation on Critical Minerals for a Just Energy Transition

15:30 CET
23 May 2024
17:00 CET
23 May 2024

This webinar ’Strengthening South-South Cooperation on Critical Minerals for a Just Energy Transition’ will mark the announcement of a partnership between Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), University of California, Davis (UC Davis), and Swaniti Global to build a Global South-led and -oriented platform to catalyze collaboration between Global South countries on critical minerals development. The partnership will work closely with Global South governments and other institutions to amplify Global South voices and priorities in energy transition discourse; offer tailored research and analytical insights on key national and regional opportunities for critical minerals supply chain development; facilitate partnerships for knowledge exchange, technology transfer and investments; and enhance inclusive and equitable benefits-sharing approaches.


24.05.2024, update: Please find below the video with the session recording.

Hosted by:

Sustainable Energy for All
Swaniti Global
UC Davis - India Center for Energy and Transportation