G20 - SEforALL side event: Eradicating energy poverty

12:00 CET
10 Jun 2021
14:00 CET
10 Jun 2021

Last year’s G20 Energy Ministers’ communiqué underlined the importance of continuing “our collective effort to eradicate energy poverty”.  As part of this year’s agenda, a more detailed discussion of energy poverty has taken place in order to think “beyond access” and raise awareness of the importance of recognizing all household energy needs as well as the importance of uninterrupted access to modern energy services for their improved health and well-being. This focus reinforces the SDG7 goal of access to energy that is affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern.

Building on the discussion and deliberation during the joint G20 Climate Sustainability and Energy Transition Working Groups, the objective of this event is to bring together experiences from different regions around the world and identify opportunities for greater coordination on the challenges facing the eradication of energy poverty.

The discussion will highlight different experiences as well as perspectives from G20 countries in recognition that energy poverty will manifest itself in different ways and will reflect the need for nationally specific approaches.  

The outcomes of this virtual event will help build on the ongoing discussion among G20 members by identifying guiding principles, pathways and potential coordination activities to address barriers to eliminating energy poverty.