Implicit subsidies in grid-based electrification and what they mean for the DRE sector

15:00 CET
15 Dec 2022
16:00 CET
15 Dec 2022

Despite recent advocacy around decentralized technologies like solar home systems and mini-grids impact on rural electrification, an overwhelming majority of investments in electricity access expansion projects in Sub-Saharan Africa still flow to grid extension programmes run by national, publicly-owned electric utilities.

A recent study by the University of Massachusetts and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) addresses the issue of implicit subsidies in rural electrification and asks the question: Can current levels of investment in rural electrification be allocated in a way that reaches more people and does so faster?

This 1-hour webinar will present the key findings of this study and include an expert panel discussion and audience Q&A.

Co-hosted by Sustainable Energy for All, the University of Massachusetts, and The Rochester Institute of Technology.

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