State of the Market and What Next in Health Facility Electrification

14:00 CET
27 Feb 2024
15:00 CET
27 Feb 2024

SEforALL’s recently published State of the Market Report for Health Facility Electrification stands as a valuable contribution within the landscape of recent publications due to its unique bottom-up approach, which leverages the most up-to-date data from 387 initiatives from 78 stakeholders in 89 countries. Funded by UK aid from the UK government via the TEA platform and developed in consultation with Economic Consulting Associates Limited (ECA) and Odyssey Energy Solutions, the report offers a global perspective on the healthcare electrification landscape, while also providing a practical roadmap for the strategic evolution and sustainable advancement of this critical sector.  

What sets this report apart is its foundation in SEforALL’s Powering Healthcare Intervention Heatmap and Database, which is currently the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information regarding health facility electrification initiatives. This ensures the accuracy and granularity of the analysis, offering a real-world perspective on the challenges, opportunities and best practices in healthcare electrification.

The webinar will feature a presentation about the key findings from the report. This will be followed by an exciting discussion between representatives from key stakeholders in the sector on what we can expect in the coming years in health facility electrification.  


14:00 – 14:05Welcome and Introductions
14:05 – 14:20Presentation by SEforALL and ECA on key findings from the State of the Market report
14:20 – 14:40Panel discussion on the future of health facility electrification, moderated by SEforALL.
14:40 – 14:55Q&A from the audience
14:55 – 15:00Closing remarks