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Powering Healthcare Hub

The Powering Healthcare Hub is a solutions-driven, one-stop-shop to provide data, best practices, support and leadership for the electrification of health facilities in energy-deficit countries. The Hub includes our programme’s work along with the brilliant initiatives of other stakeholders, thus representing the overall powering healthcare sector.

    1 bn

    People served by healthcare facilities with little to no electricity access


    Healthcare facilities in South Asia with no electricity access.


    Healthcare facilities in sub-Saharan Africa with no electricity access.

    4.9 bn $

    Investment urgently needed to electrify hospitals in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

    The challenge 

    One billion people globally are served by healthcare facilities with no electricity access or with unreliable electricity. And an estimated USD 5 billion is needed to electrify health facilities in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, complemented by innovative technologies and business models.

    The solution

    The Powering Healthcare Hub serves as a platform for coordinated action for the wide-scale deployment of clean and reliable energy solutions in healthcare facilities with little to no access to electricity. Here you will find data, case studies, information on key stakeholders and latest developments in the sector. The Hub also monitors healthcare electrification progress through the Health Facility Electrification Energy Compact that was launched by SEforALL and other partners during the UN High-level Dialogue on Energy in 2021.


    SEforALL's Powering Healthcare programme

    Our Powering Healthcare programme equips governments and development partners with the evidence and solutions needed to achieve universal, sustainable electrification of health facilities by 2030. The programme aims to inspire stronger commitments and national projects, increase public and private investments and improve sustainability of interventions.

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