Global Heatmap

The Global Heatmap of health facility electrification and the accompanying database provide a sectoral overview of the work happening around the world to electrify healthcare facilities, and aid stakeholders in identifying opportunities for coordination and collaboration.

As of February 2024, this heatmap includes 387 initiatives by 78 stakeholders in 89 countries.

For feedback, country-specific questions, amendments, or adding a new health facility electrification initiative to the Heatmap, please fill in this form.

How to use the heatmap 

The Global Heatmap is made of two maps which together paint a full picture of health facility electrification efforts. The two maps show: 

  1. The number of initiatives that are completed, ongoing and planned. Initiatives refer to stand-alone projects that could include any or all of the following: energy needs assessments, implementation of power solutions, research, and market intelligence.* 
  2. The number of healthcare facilities electrified/being electrified, i.e. implementation of power solutions, within those initiatives. 

*If an energy needs assessment is part of a power solution implementation project, it may not be listed as a separate initiative

We recommend reading the two maps together for a complete understanding of different markets. The number of initiatives is not always synonymous with the number of health facilities electrified/being electrified. For example, India has only 13 initiatives, but 25,663 health facilities are electrified/being electrified, whereas Nigeria has 44 initiatives but fewer health facilities electrified/being electrified (3,161). This shows the varying contexts of different countries, and how the data can be used to assess certain markets. 

Discover further insights into this data and explore the full database with more details, including types of initiatives, the lead agencies and partner organisations involved, and the types of solutions being deployed.