This Is Cool Webinar Series - Cooling for All and Gender

16:30 CET
30 Mar 2021
17:30 CET
30 Mar 2021

Like access to electricity or clean cooking, access to sustainable cooling is an energy service that is essential for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7). Just as women and girls face challenges gaining access to education, healthcare and formal employment, their ability to access and benefit from the range of services that cooling provides is also limited, and a lack of access to sustainable cooling can exacerbate existing gender inequalities.

In this session, organized within the #ThisIsCool webinar series, experts will discuss the upcoming knowledge brief on Cooling for All and GenderTowards Inclusive, Sustainable Cooling Solutions, the first analysis of the gender-based impacts of a lack of access to cooling.


Opening remarks
Ben Hartley, Energy Efficiency Specialist, SEforALL

Presentation of the knowledge brief

  • Hannah Girardeau, Energy Specialist, SEforALL
  • Eduarda Zoghbi, Energy and Gender Consultant, SEforALL
  • Alice Uwamaliya, Energy Associate, SEforALL

Panel discussion

  • Axum Teferra, Associate Director, K-CEP at ClimateWorks Foundation
  • Sasmita Patnaik, Gender Advisor, Water and Energy for Food South and Southeast Asia Regional Innovation Hub
  • Nathyeli Acuna, Gender Specialist, ESMAP

Questions and answers

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Cooling for All and Gender

About the This Is Cool webinar series    

The Cool Coalition has teamed up with SEforALL to present a webinar series to showcase leadership and solutions from individuals, organizations, governments, private sector to accelerate the transition towards net zero cooling.    

This webinar series draws on the This Is Cool campaign which shows what can be done across the world to make net-zero cooling for all a reality.

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