WEBINAR: Gender Responsive Cooling: Using Data to Build Resilient Livelihoods

14:00 CEST
28 Jun 2023
15:00 CEST
28 Jun 2023


  • Raising awareness on the need for gender responsive cooling solutions to build a climate-resilient society while leaving no one behind. 
  • Discuss best practices to represent women and gender-diverse individuals in data, and empower them to harness data to drive social impact.  
  • Share use-cases on how cooling interventions and finance can acknowledge gender-differentiated impacts and tailor projects to maximise equitable and just access. 


Current global temperatures are 1.1°C higher than pre-industrial levels, causing increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. Record-breaking temperatures have triggered public health emergencies, raised heat-related mortality rates, damaged forests and crops, and heightened infrastructure risks. The lack of affordable and accessible cooling solutions further compounds these challenges, especially for vulnerable groups. The Chilling Prospects Special: Gender and Access to Cooling reveals that women are 1.6 times more at risk than men of lacking access to cooling.  

Gaps in disaggregated data on gender-differentiated needs impede the development of policies for equitable access to cooling. While efforts to improve sustainable access to cooling have increased across sectors, few adequately address women's unique adaptation needs and leverage their knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of the interventions. BASE has been developing a toolkit, mainly through the Your Virtual Cold Chain Assistant project, to mainstream gender in climate finance projects. The project aims to increase smallholder access to cooling, reduce postharvest losses, and enhance incomes. 

BASE and SEforALL invite cooling companies, practitioners, and policymakers in cooling, climate change, adaptation, and equitable energy transition to join this webinar. By exploring data gaps and needs from diverse perspectives, the discussion aims to identify the necessary data collection methods and types to advance our shared objective of universal access to cooling. 


  • Welcome remarks and objectives (Simran Singh, Capacity Building Specialist, BASE) 
  • Setting the scene: Key insights of the Chilling Prospects Special on Cooling and Gender (Giorgia Pasqualetto, Cooling Specialist, SEforALL)
  • Understanding the challenge and promoting gender-responsive solutions (Efficiency for Access)
  • Practices for better representing women in data (Perry Hewitt, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Data.org)
  • Use case for gender responsive cooling solutions (Roberta Evangelista, Data-science and Digitalisation Specialist, BASE)
  • Closing remarks (Simran Singh, BASE)


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