Webinar on Universal Energy Facility grants for mini-grid projects in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

15:00 UTC
09 Nov 2022
17:10 UTC
09 Nov 2022

On 27 October, the Universal Energy Facility (UEF), a results-based financing facility managed by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), opened a new financing window to support mini-grid projects in DRC. 

Mini-grid project developers can begin pre-qualifying for the facility, which will offer them results-based grants in the amount of USD 592 per verified electricity connection. 
DRC is the fourth country where the UEF opened a financing window for supporting mini-grid development. The first window launched in October 2020 in Benin, Madagascar and Sierra Leone. The first grants were recently disbursed for verified electricity connections in Madagascar

Interested mini-grid project developers can learn more about this new window and how to apply for pre-qualification here. 

Additionally, we encourage you to attend an upcoming developer webinar on 9th November to learn more about the programme and application process. The webinar will be available in both English and French. 

Register here for a developer webinar. 



Agenda Item 

15:00 – 15:05 

Welcome and overview of UEF mini-grids programme 

15:25 – 16:00    

Application requirements

16:00 – 16:15

Question and answer 

16:30 – 16:55   

Walkthrough on UEF platform, online application process, application templates

16:55 – 17:10 

Question and answer