Oversight and Strategic Guidance

SEforALL has a small global team to support the SEforALL platform, which takes action principally through the SEforALL hubs and its network of other partners. A non-profit, independent Quasi-International Organization headquartered in Vienna under Austrian law, the global team operates in a distributed manner encompassing Vienna and Washington, DC.

Overall guidance for the global team is provided by the SEforALL Administrative Board and the SEforALL Strategic Framework for Results. The Administrative Board is responsible for formal governance and oversight of SEforALL as an organization.

The SEforALL global team relies on donor contributions for its funding. Donors come together once a year, and participate in update calls once a quarter.

Administrative Board

As a non-profit, independent Quasi-International Organization headquartered in Vienna, SEforALL’s global team is governed by an Administrative Board set up under Austrian law.

The Administrative Board handles all administrative issues, including:

  • appointing the CEO;
  • taking all major decisions on institutional developments;
  • approving policies, business plan and budget; and
  • regularly reviewing the organization’s performance.