GOGLA launches an ambitious Energy Compact to ‘Power 1 Billion Lives’ by 2030

  • The Compact, supported by SEforALL and UN-Energy, will ensure no one is left behind in the clean energy transition thanks to innovative off-grid solar solutions.
  • The commitment will be presented within the UN High-level Dialogue on Energy.

The off-grid solar sector already provides clean light and power to more than 400 million customers from some of the most vulnerable communities. However, 760 million people - more than the population of Europe - still live in acute energy poverty and over a billion more have insufficient electricity supply. This lack of power is also hampering farms, enterprises and public institutions: reducing food security, economic opportunity and welfare. 

The Power 1 Billion Lives Compact, spearheaded by GOGLA, the global association for the off-grid solar industry, aims to boost support for the sector to achieve SDG7: "access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.

By offering clear calls to action and a roadmap for all stakeholders, the Compact is designed to help the off-grid solar sector scale its impact and rapidly provide green, modern energy to 1 billion people. 

Accelerating access to off-grid solar is vital to achieving SDG7 and a further 10 SDGs

With the increased ambition that the Compact provides, off-grid solutions - including solar kits, home systems, irrigation and cooling - can drive green enterprise, boost food security, create millions of clean energy jobs and enhance welfare and resiliency. By ensuring universal access to clean modern electricity, it will place the world’s most vulnerable communities at the forefront of a cleaner, fairer, energy transition, whilst avoiding 450 million tons of CO2e.

Access to clean energy is life-changing, as this off-grid solar customer from Aneho, Togo, explains: "It was hard for me to work as a tailor in the dark using a kerosene lamp; if you don’t burn your client’s clothes, it’s snakes that will come and bite you. The solar home system helped me to deliver to my clients on time and to work safely. Not only do I have more clients, but I was also able to hire more apprentices."

The Compact creates a meeting place for all stakeholders to work together

This ambitious Compact, supported by SEforALL and UN-Energy, will be introduced at the upcoming UN High-level Dialogue on Energy in September. The Energy Compacts are public and trackable commitments, with specific actions, made by governments, companies and others to achieve energy transition goals by 2030 – including universal access to affordable and clean energy.

“The goal to Power 1 Billion Lives with off-grid solar is ambitious but possible - and critically important. We call on all stakeholders to join us in boosting the off-grid solar sector to end energy poverty and unlock the life-changing benefits that clean electricity access brings - for both people and planet,” said Koen Peters, Executive Director of GOGLA.

“Energy access is a basic right. We must ensure that the energy transition does not leave hundreds of millions behind. By focusing on reaching those living in energy poverty with sustainable solar solutions, the ‘Power 1 Billion Lives’ Compact is a bold example of the ambition needed to secure a more equitable, dignified energy future for all.” said Damilola Ogunbiyi, CEO and Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All.

“We know that we will create significantly more and faster impact if we work collaboratively with governments, multilateral donors, and stakeholders from all sides of the global energy access effort, and this Compact is an opportunity for all of us to do just that,” said Radhika Thakkar, President of GOGLA and Vice-President, Corporate Affairs at Greenlight Planet.

To power 1 billion lives, governments, investors, civil society, developments partners and the private sector must work together to drive:

  • Sustainable off-grid solar businesses
  • Transformative investment
  • Positive regulatory support, and
  • Catalytic initiatives

Learn how you, or your organisation, can support the Power 1 Billion Lives Compact.

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