Latest update on search for new SEforALL CEO


The process of selecting Sustainable Energy for All’s (SEforALL) next CEO is moving forward, and we are pleased to update on the latest steps.

Following the announcement by Rachel Kyte that she would step down by October, the SEforALL Administrative Board took several steps. This included:

  • Forming a dedicated Selection Committee to oversee the search for a new CEO – comprised of António Mexia, Elizabeth Cousens and Gerard Penning.
  • Selecting SRI Executive as the search firm. SRI moved swiftly to advertise the CEO position through its website, global networks and the Economist magazine. 
  • Engaging SEforALL staff, including by conducting a staff survey.
  • Reaching out to SEforALL partners to seek their views about the leadership qualities needed at SEforALL.
  • Engaging the SEforALL Funders’ Council to round out the picture of qualities needed in the new CEO.

The formal application period closed on 5 July. With an extensive list of exceptionally qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds, the next step is to develop a viable list for deeper engagement, with a goal of identifying a new leader by fall 2019.

See the Executive Brief for a detailed job description for the position of SEforALL CEO. Contact: Seamus McGardle, SRI Executive Managing Director, e-mail:

The Administrative Board also remains in close contact with the Office of the UN Secretary-General.

“SEforALL is essential to drive progress towards SDG7,” said António Mexia, Chair of the Administrative Board. “Leading this dynamic and influential organization is a prized opportunity, and SEforALL provides an exceptional platform for global leadership in an area that cuts across all Sustainable Development Goals, including climate. I am excited by the exceptional caliber of candidates for this role and grateful for the strong support of all of SEforALL’s partners across the sector as we embarked on this recruitment, which reflects the significance of SEforALL’s work for the global community.”