Solar Panels Workshop

Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative

The Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative (REMI) – launched at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2023 (ADSW) – aims to drive investment and mobilize action in countries to scale up renewable energy manufacturing capabilities. This international Initiative will help drive the financial, technical, and socioeconomic investments required to unlock the continent’s potential for up to 1.2 Terawatts of clean energy, 14 million new jobs and 6.4% growth in GDP by 2050.

REMI is supported by a strategic partnership between Sustainable Energy for All, the African Climate FoundationBloomberg PhilanthropiesClimateWorks Foundation, and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association.

The Initiative also launched the Africa Renewable Energy Manufacturing: Opportunity and Advancement report at ADSW. The report – supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the African Climate Foundation, and the ClimateWorks Foundation – analyzes Africa’s renewable energy manufacturing landscape, highlights pathways to accelerate a homegrown renewable energy industry, and provides a roadmap to help bridge the gaps and achieve a just, equitable, and green energy transition in Africa. 

This report draws on multiple sources, including economic analysis from McKinsey & Company. The authors are responsible for the conclusions and recommendations of the research.