Africa Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative

The Africa Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative (Africa REMI) aims to catalyse the growth of green manufacturing industries in Africa in support of low-carbon economic development.

Launched during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2023 (ADSW), Africa REMI focuses on helping Africa-based manufacturers of solar PV, battery and e-mobility technologies grow their operations and expand their markets, leading to job creation and income generation. 

The initiative places a strong emphasis on South-South cooperation and creating opportunities for companies across regions to connect, learn from one another and forge partnerships while also bringing focus on critical minerals supply chains Through its efforts, Africa REMI hopes to unlock up to USD 850 million in catalytic investment to advance clean energy manufacturing capacity across Africa. 

Under the green transition scenario, Africa boasts an impressive potential


Terawatts of energy potential

14 m

Employement opportunities


Surge in GDP

This report draws on multiple sources, including economic analysis from McKinsey & Company. The authors are responsible for the conclusions and recommendations of the research. 


The Opportunity 

Africa’s demand for power is projected to grow eight-fold by 2050. Renewables will meet much of this demand growth, which creates an immense market opportunity for establishing local green manufacturing hubs.  

Africa REMI’s efforts are directed towards four key priorities that are essential to green manufacturing scale-up

“Developing Africa’s green manufacturing capabilities is one of the key strategies to fostering growth, producing decent employment opportunities, and eradicating poverty while ensuring that Africa is not left behind in the global energy transition agenda. I therefore urge my fellow Ministers and stakeholders to come up with bold and implementable economic models and solutions that will enable the realization of Africa’s green manufacturing aspirations.” 


Matthew Opoku Premeh, Minister of Energy of Ghana