No New Coal Energy Compact

In 2021, at the United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Energy, Sri Lanka, Chile, Montenegro, Denmark, UK, France and Germany signed the No New Coal Energy Compact committing to not building any new and additional coal power projects. The Compact, coordinated jointly with the Powering Past Coal Alliance and UN-Energy, targets additional signatories as a way for countries to demonstrate their commitment and leadership towards a clean energy transition.
This commitment is in line with the United Nations Secretary-General’s call for No New Coal power production, even as just and inclusive transition plans are developed. For countries that have already moved away from or are not currently dependent on coal-fired power, this demonstrates their commitment to staying the course towards a clean energy future. 


It represents an opportunity for all countries to unite around global net-zero goals as well as highlights their individual leadership in the just energy transition by growing energy demand alongside advancing development of sustainable energy. Energy Compacts are voluntary commitments made by a range of stakeholders on SDG7 targets in support of achieving all SDGs by 2030 as well as net-zero emissions by 2050.
Committing to the No New Coal Compact – ending unabated coal power generation, is the first step to transitioning to a clean and sustainable energy future. Committing to ending unabated coal power generation will accelerate the scaling up of clean power – actions that are important and necessary on the road to achieving net-zero by 2050.

If your government is interested in signing the Compact, please reach out to energycompact@seforall.org.

Please find the official announcements of current signatories here

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Kingdom of Denmark
New Zealand
Republic of Azerbaijan
Republic of Chile
Republic of Panama
Republic of Vanuatu
United Kingdom