Thematic Area Overview and Programme Update

Energy Diplomacy and Advocacy Major Achievements and Learnings


New Commitments

convention coordination

Convention and Coordination


SDG7 Pavilion at COP27

data evidence

New Data and Evidence


Communicating a cohesive and clear set of objectives for our campaigns and events helps us leverage the momentum from each of these events while expanding partnerships.
Maintaining flexibility within our energy diplomacy and advocacy workplans is important for pivoting to emerging challenges.
There is a need to redefine our work on Energy Finance and focus on establishing strategies that can generate greater finance flow towards SDG7.

Energy Access and Closing the Gap Major Achievements and Learnings


In-Country Support

data evidence

Data and Evidence for Decision-Making


Sector Coordination


SEforALL offers a unique modular Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) approach in the energy planning sector.
We need to establish a sustained in-country presence to engage with government counterparts and stakeholders.
There is an untapped opportunity for SEforALL to offer a "value chain" of services.

Energy Transition and Climate Major Achievements and Learnings


Country and Partner Support




Nigeria Energy Transition Plan


Sector Data and Evidence


There is a growing momentum for addressing access to sustainable cooling gaps through energy access and transition efforts.
For Energy Efficiency, there is an opportunity and urgency to:
• Build a common understanding on the barriers of energy efficiency finance.
• Elevate energy efficiency and disseminate high-level messages.
• Bring together key stakeholders and build trust around Mission Efficiency.
• Support countries, organizations and individuals to improve sustainable use of energy.
Increased engagement with various layers of government was recognized as a key factor in building awareness of our Energy Transition Planning work.

Intersection with Other SDGs Major Achievements and Learnings

powering healthcare

Powering Healthcare


Women and Youth at the Forefront


Strong partners with good experience and in-country networks are crucial for successful delivery.
The intersection of gender and energy is still building traction within the sector.

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