Energizing Finance 2018

Energizing Finance: Understanding the Landscape 2018

Sustainable Energy for All’s Energizing Finance series is the first, and only, in-depth attempt to capture multiple years of data on investment for the two key areas of energy access: electrification and clean cooking. It focuses on public and private finance commitments in 20 developing countries – known as the high-impact countries – that together are home to nearly 80% of those living without access to sustainable energy. Building upon the first 2017 report that examined financing flows during 2013-14 (averaged annually), this latest report updates these findings with energy access finance commitments from 2015-16. This means that policy makers and investment leaders can, for the first time, begin to track progress, or lack thereof, in scaling up finance for energy access since agreement on the Sustainable Development Goals.

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This report is part of the series:  Energizing Finance