Health Facility Electrification Capital Landscape

Health Facility.png

The report, supported by Power Africa and the UK Aid-supported Transforming Energy Access initiative (UK TEA), maps the landscape of capital for health facility electrification in important emerging markets, and includes a systematic analysis of the demand, current supply and capital provided so far to power health facilities. 

A total of approximately USD 2.6 billion is needed to sustainably electrify health facilities across 7 key countries in the Global South, i.e, India, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Zambia, DRC, and Kenya. This is about half the total global investment required for health facility electrification.

The study reveals that a total investment of USD 175-250 million has been made over the past 7 years in the 7 countries studied, and most of this funding has been in the form of capital grants (approximately 95%) from donors. Factoring in the same level of investment, say USD 250 million, over the next 7 years, there will be a looming gap of at least USD 2.35 billion for health facility electrification by 2030.