SEforALL and the Decade of Action - August 2021

100 days report
100 Days Report August 2021 cover

This report provides an update on Sustainable Energy for All’s (SEforALL) activities in the period 16 May to 24 August 2021. It is the sixth 100 Days Report published by SEforALL, offering an overview of how the organization is progressing in the Decade of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With the UN High-level Dialogue on Energy and COP26 both occurring later this year, we have spent a great deal of effort putting pieces in place to ensure that these major political moments are catalysts for the energy transition. There are already promising signs that this will be the case, especially by way of Energy Compacts, the key expected outcome of the Dialogue.

In June the Ministerial Thematic Forums for the Dialogue were an opportunity to announce several Energy Compacts that have already been committed to. Notably, the IKEA Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation announced they will set up a USD 1 billion fund to scale up distributed renewable energy around the world.

We also announced our own Energy Compact as part of the Universal Energy Facility, a results-based financing facility managed by SEforALL, we will directly provide over 2 million new energy connections, displacing at least 1 million fossil-fuel-based generators and 4 MT CO2 emissions and creating about 2 million jobs by 2023.

In March, we launched a new, year-long campaign called Be Bold to drive ambitious action towards SDG7. The Be Bold campaign is about giving everyone – governments, businesses, development and financial institutions, and everyday citizens – a set of actions to help realize affordable and clean energy for all. As part of the campaign, this summer we released a video series called Bold Conversations, where our CEO talks one-on-one with prominent leaders engaged in the energy transition to hear their perspectives on what is needed to accelerate the energy transition.