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CoolAnt Beehive – Passive cooling innovation from India

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The Delhi-based “Ant Studio” has designed a unique air-cooling solution that uses traditional methods coupled with modern technology to combat climate change while increasing human thermal comfort. Inspired by its geometry, the Ant Studio team design the ‘Beehive’ installation as a natural, artistic air cooling and purifying solution that does not warm the planet. The solutions designed by the team are unique and directly engage the local community.

The Beehive is a cooling solution that does not use electricity or produce harmful gases with high global warming potential. The Beehive is a modular façade unit that cools the space through a combination of evaporative cooling and natural ventilation It can even be used as a customized art installation for public spaces.

The design is based on a beehive structure with cylindrical pots forming the desired pattern to maximize the cooling effect. Recycled water at room temperature runs on the surface of the cylinders, cooling the hot air passing through the multiple terracotta cones. The solution is not only energy efficient, but also cost-effective and a pleasing appearance as a replacement for air condition units in the backyards or walls of our houses.

Passive cooling India

The Beehive solution was first tested at the Deki Electronics factory in India, where temperatures upwards of 40°C can threaten the health and wellbeing of workers, as well as their productivity. 

After installing the Beehive solution, the Ant Studio team measured its impact. They found that the solution reduced the indoor temperature around the installation from 42°C to 36°C, a difference of 6°C on a hot day. The airflow around the installation site was also reduced from 10 metres per second to 4 metres per second, providing additional – and important – thermal comfort benefits.   

The work of the team at the Ant Studio shows us just how powerful traditional techniques coupled with modern design can be for sustainable cooling. Passive cooling solutions such as the Beehive are vital to ensuring the health and safety of workers and people during times of extreme heat. Learn more here.




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