Video: Medellín Green Corridors Project

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Medellín Green Corridors Project is a Seven for 7 honoree, Sustainable Energy for All's recognition for global leaders in the sustainable energy movement. It is also a winner of the 2019 Ashden Award for Cooling by Nature.

After enduring years of high crime and violence, Medellín, Colombia's second-largest city (population: 2.5 million) faces a new threat – rising urban temperatures, driven by climate change. The city's response has been to bring people together to plant vegetation and create a better environment for everyone.

The Green Corridors project provides shade for cyclists and pedestrians, cool built-up areas and improved air quality along busy roads. The city's botanical gardens train people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become city gardeners and planting technicians.

So far, Medellín has created parks and alleys along 18 roads and 12 waterways, planting 8,300 trees and 350,000 shrubs. As a result, temperatures have fallen by two or three degrees Celsius in many places, with more significant reductions expected in the future.

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