Video: Philips Community Life Centers

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The Philips Community Life Centers project is a Seven for 7 honoree, Sustainable Energy for All's recognition for global leaders in the sustainable energy movement.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, four in ten people have no access to health care facilities or personnel, and for those who do, the quality of services is often low. Challenges include non-functioning medical equipment and a lack of qualified health care workers, electricity, water and basic health care technology.

Community Life Centers, developed by Philips Africa Innovation hub, are community-driven and holistic platforms for strengthening primary health care, combining renewable energy, energy efficient design and locally relevant medical devices. The centers provide solar power units, water storage containers, LED area lighting to improve the safety of the community as well as solutions for waste management.

Community Life Centers can offer a wide range of clinical and medical device training to help improve competencies. Combined with service offerings for maintenance and repair, the centers help ensure an improvement in quality, readiness and responsiveness of the facility, which is so often lacking.

Philips launched Africa's first Community Life Center in GithuraiLang'ata, Kenya aimed at strengthening primary health care and enabling community health development. Other centers have been set up in South Africa, Namibia and DR Congo, with plans to deploy these centers across the African continent.

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