Big Markets for Clean Fuels

Around 3 billion people around the world do not have access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking. This is causing significant carbon emissions and health risks: in many Asian and African countries, residential use can account for as much as 60-80% of black carbon emissions. The World Health Organization estimates that exposure to smoke from cooking causes more than 4 million premature deaths each year.

By driving finance and big markets for clean fuels, we can accelerate clean cooking solutions. To show that market creation is possible, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) is laying the groundwork to develop markets that will prioritize clean cooking solutions. SEforALL developed a niche, providing financial flows analysis to understand the clean cooking landscape. By focusing on different urban and rural markets, we will then bring in different public and private stakeholders from different sectors – including appliances, clean fuels, financing, distribution and supply chains.

Currently, there is very little investment in the 20 countries with the highest deficit of access to clean cooking. By using different analytical tools in target countries SEforALL will help to create more well-defined markets and improve access to clean fuel.