Powering Healthcare Solutions Catalogue

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This catalogue serves the purpose of connecting stakeholders from the energy and health sectors with solutions providers, to help meet the energy needs of healthcare facilities in response to COVID-19 and beyond. The solutions provided represent a sample of a larger group of solution providers who can contribute to addressing this challenge.​ ​

The vast majority of healthcare facilities in low-income countries – in particular in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia – do not have access to reliable electricity. Yet, they are expected to be at the frontline of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. ​ ​

The past five years have witnessed an ever-increasing range of technical solutions to tackle energy challenges in a more effective and efficient way. Nevertheless, most energy and healthcare providers are not aware of these opportunities.​ ​

Responding to the urgency of the COVID-19 crisis and meeting SDG7 and SDG3 require timely and strong collaboration between the energy and health sectors, drawing on their respective strengths and expertise.​ ​

See catalogue version 7 - July 2021

This is the final version, the catalogue is not being updated.