Bridging the Gap Between Transport and Energy to Achieve Sustainable Mobility

External event
10:00 EST
16 Jun 2021
11:00 EST
16 Jun 2021

In a global event about the energy and mobility nexus, SEforALL will join a panel of experts to discuss how the new Digital Toolkit for Energy and Mobility acts as a multiplier of some of the best practices to achieve energy efficiency in transport through the lens of three policies:

  • Promote public discussion on new mobility solutions
  • Expand public transport infrastructure
  • Plan for integrated multimodal freight transport networks


Opening remarks: Bernard Obika, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) High Volume Transport (HVT) Programme

Panelists include: Maína Celidonio, Secretary of Transport, City of Rio de Janeiro; Martin Humphreys, Lead Transport Economist, Global Lead for Transport Connectivity and Regional Integration, Transport Global Expertise and Knowledge Unit

Moderator: Francesco Dionori, Chief of Transport Networks & Logistics Section, Sustainable Transport Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Final remarks: Dr. Nancy L. Vandycke, Programme Manager, Sustainable Mobility for All initiative (SuM4All)

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SEforALL and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)-High Volume Transport (HVT) Applied Research Programme lead the Energy and Mobility working group under the Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) umbrella. The working group aims at implementing action on low emission mobility addressing the nexus between transport, energy and climate. Find out more