Demystifying the way investors look at the world

10:30 EDT
24 Jul 2019
11:30 EDT
24 Jul 2019
Online, Global

People-Centered Accelerator Webinar Series

Incorporating gender into investment analysis might be the quickest route to better performing investments and a more equitable and sustainable world. Led by People-Centered Accelerator partner Calvert Impact Capital, this webinar offered guidance on how investors create a gender inclusive investment strategy. Presenters shared lessons learned from Calvert Impact Capital’s experience investing with a gender lens in the clean energy sector and discussed their recent Just Good Investing: Why gender matters to your portfolio and what you can do about it report. Participants gained an understanding of how investors think about and incorporate gender throughout the investment lifecycle – from sourcing to underwriting to data collection – and panelists presented Calvert Impact Capital’s asset class framework and due diligence framework for gender lens investing. This webinar was open to members of the People-Centered Accelerator.


  • Leigh Moran, Director-Strategy, Calvert Impact Capital
  • Najada Kumbuli, Director- Investments, Calvert Impact Capital
  • Caroline McGregor, Lead Energy and Gender Specialist, SEforALL


Photo credit: ADB