Energy and Health

Lasting Impact: Sustainable Off-Grid Solar Delivery Models to Power Health and Education

11:00 EDT
30 Jul 2019
12:00 EDT
30 Jul 2019
Online, Global

What contributes to the sustainability of solar PV systems in health clinics and schools in Africa and Asia?

This webinar discussed the findings of our recent report, Lasting Impact: Sustainable Off-Grid Solar Delivery Models to Power Health and Education. The report, which was launched in April 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya, draws on case studies from around the world to examine how different delivery models promote – and likewise, hinder - the long-term sustainability of off-grid solar projects in public institutions.

A growing number of standalone solar systems are being installed in clinics and schools in low- and middle-income countries, but many of these systems prematurely fail or underperform, leading to the perception that renewable technologies are too new and unreliable to continuously serve the needs of communities.

This new research underscores the importance of electrification strategies that harness public, private and philanthropic efforts, but with a greater focus on the operation and maintenance of solutions. The report offers key insights for partners and stakeholders, and makes recommendations to governments, their development partners, and philanthropic entities regarding the design of robust, off-grid public-facility electrification projects. The Lasting Impact report is the product of a research partnership between SEforALL, the UN Foundation and Catalyst Off-Grid Advisors.


• Jem Porcaro, Lead Energy Access Specialist, SEforALL
• Christine Eibs Singer, Senior Associate, Catalyst Off-Grid Advisors
• Raihan Elahi, Lead Energy Specialist, World Bank


Image credits: Innovation Africa