Mission Efficiency event -  Energy Efficient LiFE Charette

21:00 UTC
11 May 2023
18:00 UTC
11 May 2019
Juniper Hall, Habitat World at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road. New Delhi – 110003 (Entry Gate No : 1 on Lodhi Road)



Energy efficiency is under-prioritized in the energy transition discourse, partly due to the perception that energy transitions simply involve decarbonizing the electricity supply sector with renewable energy technologies. Shifting the focus onto energy demand sectors - and realizing their full potential to decarbonize the global economy - requires re-thinking individual and community actions and decisions that drive energy consumption.  

Traditionally, energy efficiency communications have been highly logical, often technical, but have not always helped decision makers at home, in the office or in governments to take on often simple energy-efficient solutions. Mission Efficiency partners have been working to flip the narrative by reframing key messages for a range of audiences on the benefits, experiences and feelings received from energy efficiency. Developing emotion-based and humanized messaging can inspire a non-reductionist and abundant modern life with energy efficiency. People are more likely to be convinced by a story about how energy efficiency has positively impacted someone’s life or community than by statistics and technical information alone. Personal messages are memorable and can help build trust and credibility with the audience to influence and encourage them to act. 

India has made significant strides in energy efficiency, since passing the Energy Conservation Act 2001 and the establishment of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the Ministry of Power. The launch of the Lifestyles For the Environment (LiFE) campaign reaffirms India’s commitment to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices, both domestically and internationally, through G20 processes.  

Energy Efficient LiFE Charette 

The Energy Efficient LiFE Charette will bring together energy efficiency practitioners and communications and branding experts to revolutionize the energy efficiency narrative. It will inform the development of fresh, personalized and emotion-driven energy efficiency messages that are easy to feel by diverse stakeholders and support stronger decision-making.  

The outcomes of the event will build a basis for awareness campaigns that invigorate progress in energy efficiency for a non-reductionist and modern life, building linkages with high level initiatives such as India’s LiFE campaign and G20 India process. The events will also seek to generate further collaboration among partners, including through the Mission Efficiency Narrative Taskforce.  


Energy efficiency practitioners and communications, marketing and branding experts, active in India or globally.  


For queries, please contact Giorgia Pasqualetto (giorgia.pasqualetto@seforall.org).