Mission Efficiency - Inspiring Change with an Efficient Life

09:00 CET
08 Jun 2023
18:00 CET
08 Jun 2023
Novotel Paris Vaugirard Montparnasse
257 Rue De Vaugirard
75015 Paris, France.
(In-person event)




Energy efficiency has historically been perceived and even communicated as pure energy savings, translating to lower energy demand and carbon emissions. But energy efficiency is not about sacrifice; it in fact offers plenty in terms of human and planetary impacts. A new energy efficiency narrative that focuses on the multiple benefits of energy efficiency can inspire new and more ambitious energy efficiency interventions and investment, particularly in emerging markets and developing economies, which account for 60% of global final energy demand.

Mission Efficiency is organizing this Charrette to change the current narrative on energy efficiency to focus on the emotional benefits of living an energy efficient life. The new narrative will move away from a reductionist agenda and will keep a human-centred approach, illustrating the experience of energy efficiency rather than its features in order to spark action. This Charrette follows the high-level event at the IEA 8th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency on the same topic.

A Charrette procedure is a collaborative and interdisciplinary problem-solving process aimed at producing a final plan or solution in a short time. How can we spark actions in support of an energy efficient life? How can this new narrative create new markets, reduce risk appraisal, empower people and improve lives?  The Mission Efficiency Communications Charrette will kick-off an Energy Efficient Life campaign, building on the experiences from the Communications Charrette in India held in May.  


  • Kick-off the Energy Efficient Life campaign, using a new emotion-based energy efficiency narrative.  

  • Deepen engagement and coordination to support efforts to elevate energy efficiency in personal, national and global agendas, triggering new and more ambitious commitments, actions and goals.  

Target Participants 

  • Country representatives and policy-makers  

  • Energy efficiency stakeholders in all sectors  

  • Communication and behaviour change experts 


Important notice: Registrations are closed. Should you require additional information, please contact info@missionefficiency.org