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Electrifying Economies: an interactive experience of sustainable energy impacts


The world urgently needs greater commitments to energy access if we are going to achieve SDG7 – affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all – by 2030 and to support recovery from COVID-19. But compelling decision-makers to increase finance commitments and adopt policies and regulations that encourage sustainable energy development is an ongoing challenge. To spark greater action, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), Rocky Mountain Institute and Rockefeller Foundation have launched the Electrifying Economies initiative, an interactive website that takes users on a journey through the social and economic importance of universal electrification.

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Electrifying Economies demonstrates the role distributed energy will play in ending energy poverty and catalysing a green and equitable recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. It draws on the latest data and research from around the world to show how distributed renewables can provide sustainable, affordable, and reliable power for all. The project provides information to support policymakers and investors in taking action today, to realize this potential. The site includes striking data visualizations of the economic impacts of distributed energy access, case studies from around the world showcasing successful electrification initiatives, and roadmaps for establishing effective policy and regulatory frameworks, among many other resources. Electrifying Economies was launched as part of Rockefeller Foundation’s Green & Equitable Recovery: Call to Action, under which SEforALL is a signatory.


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