Integrated Electrification Pathways for Universal Access to Electricity: A Primer

SEforALL seeks to bring clarity to a full-systems approach to electrification planning, especially its relationship to social and productive uses of electricity. This report defines “Integrated Electrification Pathways” (IEPs) that incorporate these important perspectives and lays out key steps to guide policymakers in creating strategies and developing policies and programs to support a comprehensive approach to electricity sector planning. By listening intently to policymakers, analyzing success stories, consulting experts and seeking feedback from a wide range of private sector stakeholders, SEforALL has compiled this Integrated Electrification Pathways for Universal Access to Electricity Primer to bring clarity to the sector and de-mystify integrated electrification.


What is an Integrated Electrification Pathway (IEP)?
A set of inclusive planning approaches and policy measures that support using grid, mini-grid and off-grid technologies to provide electricity and the associated energy services necessary to meet human needs and contribute to sustainable development.