Video: Togo harnessing high-level political support to accelerate progress on electrification goals

SDG7 News

How can a country take its electrification rate from 18% in 2005 to 100% by 2030? Togo is demonstrating that the presence of high-level political commitment plays a critical role.

The west African country has brought its electrification rate from 18% to 45% in the past 13 years thanks, in part, to presidential support for an integrated electrification strategy.

The appointment of a special advisor to Togo’s president responsible for coordinating government efforts across ministries in support of electrification, and the launch of an initiative to bring electricity to 5,000 remote villages, are just a couple outcomes of the national strategy.

This video is one of three country case studies (Ethiopia, Nepal and Togo) focusing on Integrated Electrification Pathways. Want to learn more about the importance of integrated approaches to electrification? Read our primer report.