Policy Framework

Policy and Regulatory Frameworks

The world is only about half-way towards the adoption of advanced policy frameworks for sustainable energy, according to RISE. This programme provides policymakers with an easily accessible platform of best-in-class policy and regulatory tools needed to unlock investments to achieve SDG7.

The platform will consist of the following:

  • Virtual knowledge hub: a suite of policy and regulatory tools and templates, identified through best-in-class peer group examples and accompanied by relevant decision-trees for policymakers.
  • Country customization support: thematically clustered technical assistance support for policymakers to design, adapt and adopt best-in-class policies and regulations, enable the development of comprehensive strategies and facilitate country-level learning and capacity building.
  • Solar economies of scale: piloting an innovative approach to dramatically accelerate distribution and improve affordability of high-quality solar components for off-grid (mini-grid and solar home system) electricity access in target regions.
  • Mini-Grids Partnership (MGP): a consortium of over 300 mini-grid stakeholders with the goal of accelerating the deployment and development of clean energy mini-grids through information sharing, leveraging partnerships and direct input into the design of policies and regulations in target countries.

Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) will use its extensive network and experience in energy access to provide countries with customized policy and regulatory frameworks to complement existing donor-driven programmes with quick, efficient and targeted support. Guidance on how to operationalize policy frameworks will be provided by facilitating exchange with other countries who already implemented comparable policies.  

Expected outcomes

  • Governments will be able to attract much needed private investment
  • Donors and investors will have greater confidence and less risk aversion to enter the market to make positive impacts
  • Energy access stakeholders will gain access to new business opportunities and lower-cost capital
  • Consumers will gain access to better quality and more affordable energy services