Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative

Global South countries have an immense opportunity to become green manufacturing hubs, producing technologies like solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles that are sought all over the world.

The Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative (REMI) aims to increase the renewable energy manufacturing capacity of Africa and Southeast Asia through South-South cooperation. By establishing their own green industries, countries can create local jobs, boost GDP and ensure their growing energy demands are met.  

Africa REMI is a partnership between African Climate Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, ClimateWorks Foundation, the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association and SEforALL. A separate partnership is being developed for Southeast Asia.

Our activities

• Connecting emerging and established renewable energy manufacturers from the Global South to foster knowledge sharing, partnerships, and investments.
• Providing knowledge, training and technical support to policymakers for creating policies and regulations that drive the industry’s growth.
• Incubating green manufacturing projects that demonstrate the viability of manufacturing solar PV, batteries and e-mobility solutions.
• Creating training and career development opportunities that will help grow green manufacturing workforces.

Renewable Energy Manufacturing Initiative (REMI)


About REMI