MEL framework

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework (MEL Framework) 2017-2019

Monitoring and evaluation review
MEL framework

The Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Framework lays out how the SEforALL organization monitors its resources, its activities, and its results; how periodic assessments and analyses will guide and accompany implementation; and how the information generated from monitoring and evaluation will be reflected upon and used to improve SEforALL’s performance.

SEforALL’s MEL framework is based on its Program Theory and its Theory of Action. The former specifies the intermediate and long-term outcomes that need to be achieved to substantially contribute towards its 2030 objectives. The latter specifies individual and monitorable activities that contribute to interventions (=outputs) delivered by SEforALL. The purpose of the two frameworks together is to ensure accountability and learning through a means of tracking, where possible, the delivery of interventions (outputs) and their intermediate outcomes.

The information produced will inform decisions and ensure that SEforALL’s interventions are and remain relevant, and are directed efficiently and effectively towards successful outcomes and, ultimately, the achievement of its overall goals.