Sustainable Energy for All Annual Report 2019 Annex - Monitoring Review

Monitoring and evaluation review

This report is the third Annual Monitoring Review of Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) using its Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework to provide an additional summary of the results of its work in 2019 and the lessons learnt and fed back to the management cycle to grow the organization’s impact.

In 2019, several behavioral changes (outcomes) were observed in our stakeholders, and which we contributed to through our targeted activities and interventions:

  • Access to Cooling is now on the agenda of countries, international fora and development partners.
  • Three national cooling plans have been published with an additional twelve under development.
  • A new policy advancing integrated electrification planning was adopted by the African Union.
  • Interest and focus on integrated electrification planning are growing in the private sector and amongst philanthropies.
  • Development partners are exploring options to adopt more innovative and sustainable business models for the electrification of health facilities.
  • The revision of the OECD-Development Assistance Committee (DAC) energy codes will improve the tracking and data quality of development finance for SDG7.
  • Coordination and collaboration are improving through the launch of new global initiatives in the following areas: Access to Cooling; Energy and Health; Finance Flows to Developing Countries; Investments into Low Carbon Development in Southeast Asia; and Energy Efficiency.