Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework

Sustainable Energy for All's (SEforALL) mission is to empower leaders to broker partnerships and unlock finance to achieve universal access to sustainable energy, as a contribution to a cleaner, more just and prosperous world for all. SEforALL does this by systematically drawing on strategic insight, building on compelling communications and delivering through action-oriented partnerships.

We follow a structured Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework and apply the following principles to track progress and accelerate the achievement of our mission:


SEforALL assesses its performance on a yearly basis through an annual monitoring review. Monitoring is focused on the inputs, outputs and intermediate outcomes of the programmes. The annual monitoring reviews are produced and shared with SEforALL’s key stakeholders in the first half of each subsequent year.


To have a more comprehensive picture of progress at the outcome level, SEforALL conducts periodic external evaluations. A formative evaluation was conducted in the first half of 2018.

The next evaluation will be conducted in 2021 – the end of SEforALL's current business cycle. You can read all our evaluation reports on the Monitoring and Evaluation Reports page.


SEforALL identifies valuable lessons from interventions for internal and external application. For internal learning, SEforALL conducts Before-and-After Action Reviews and applies the lessons through regular feedback. We publish our Success Stories to share our learning from working on the ground and with partners towards delivering SDG7.