COVID-19 response

COVID-19 has changed the global landscape. Business-as-usual no longer exists and organizations are having to adapt the way they carry out their work. SEforALL has not only changed “how” we work, but also “what” we work on.
Recognizing the critical role energy plays in combatting the pandemic and catalyzing an economic recovery, we have adjusted our existing programs and launched new initiatives to support the global COVID-19 response.

Off-grid companies are critical for reaching populations beyond the grid and for more rapid deployment of electricity solutions, for households and for health clinics. We are now working with mini-grid and solar home system developers and the organizations who support them to develop strategies that will ensure these enterprises continue to operate and expand.

Our ongoing work on Powering Healthcare has been refocused on coordinating the energy and health sectors to ensure that the power needs of health facilities and emergency health infrastructure are well understood and being met with appropriate energy solutions. We are compiling resources and news that will support collaboration between the energy and healthcare sectors to deliver power when and where it is needed.

Photo: UNDP Bangladesh/Fahad Kaizer