Chilling Prospects 2022: #ThisIsCool communications tool

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Chilling Prospects 2022

Reflections on five years of the Kigali Amendment by SEforALL's Cooling for All programme

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#ThisIsCool is a communications tool that highlights the diversity of affordable, efficient and clean cooling solutions. #ThisIsCool messages showcase innovative solutions and link cooling to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  #ThisIsCool does this by elevating cooling as an issue of equity in a warming world, connecting youth with development partners, policymakers, industry and funders to advance commitments and invest in cooling solutions. 

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Launched in July 2020, the first stages of the campaign reached more than 53,000 people on Twitter and 45,000 on LinkedIn, with more people engaging through SEforALL’s partners. With the objective of raising awareness about cooling solutions, we call on followers and sustainable cooling solution providers to help spread the word about sustainable cooling solutions by using the Sustainable Cooling Solutions Toolkit and by sharing more stories. 

At the end of 2021, the #ThisIscool campaign had an estimated timeline reach of 38.3 million and a #ThisIscool hashtag reach of 10.78 million. The microsite developed for the campaign was viewed over 23,000 times and more than 750 people downloaded the communications toolkit.

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Become a supporter of the ThisIsCool campaign and encourage organizations and communities to cool more sustainably by spreading the word about sustainable cooling solutions.

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