A journey towards decarbonization and 24/7 CFE

09:00 PDT
22 Jun 2023
10:00 PDT
22 Jun 2023

This webinar will focus on two great examples of businesses on a journey to achieve 24/7 CFE and decarbonization. Peninsula Clean Energy, a community choice aggregator serving 21 cities and towns in the Bay Area, set a goal to deliver 100% renewable energy to match demand on an hour-by-hour basis by 2025. NEOM Energy is currently pursuing groundbreaking efforts in building a megacity in Saudi Arabia powered by 100 percent clean energy, through renewable solar, wind and green hydrogen-based energy. The panel will answer key questions: How to achieve such ambitious goals and what are the challenges and lessons learned so far? 


Update [28.06.2023]: If you were unable to attend the webinar, watch below the full the recorded session