People-Centered Accelerator Webinar Series – Financing livelihoods and harnessing the sun

16:00 CET
05 Dec 2019
17:50 CET
05 Dec 2019

This webinar provided an opportunity to share and discuss the findings from the Council of Energy, Environment and Water's (CEEW) recently published study on solar-powered livelihoods in India. CEEW presented its research analyzing the financiers’ perspective in lending for solar-powered livelihood appliances in India. Importantly, the work shows the impact of solar-powered productive-use technologies on the net incomes of end-users and their loan repayments. Data on income, revenue, cash flow and loan repayment of 300 micro-enterprises were analyzed for two specific technologies supported by SELCO Foundation (sewing machines and digital service centers). Presenters from SELCO Foundation and Energy 4 Impact shared their assessment of the prevailing policy solutions and provided recommendations for the private sector, policymakers and donors to improve access to finance for end-users of such products in India and Sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Hannah Girardeau, SEforALL

  • Sasmita Patnaik, CEEW

  • Richita Misra, SELCO Foundation

  • Diana Kollanyi, Energy 4 Impact