People-Centered Accelerator Webinar Series – Gender And Energy Access - Part Two: Productive Uses

16:00 CEST
17 Oct 2019
17:00 CEST
17 Oct 2019

This webinar focused on the ways that energy can support women’s income-generating activities. Modern energy offers many opportunities for income-generation for both women and men. Knowing that women and men use energy differently, to what extent do women-owned businesses benefits from interventions promoting productive use of electricity and cooking fuels? This webinar presented new evidence on these issues from research conducted in Asia and Africa. Based on their research, presenters shared key recommendations to ensure that modern energy services contribute to both women’s and men’s economic and social empowerment.


  • Caroline McGregor, SEforALL

  • Annemarije Kooljman, ENERGIA

  • Mar Maestre, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

  • Jiska de Groot, University of Cape Town