People-Centered Accelerator Webinar Series – Gender And Energy Access - Part One Impacts

16:00 CEST
03 Oct 2019
17:00 CEST
03 Oct 2019

This webinar focused on advancing understanding of the gendered impacts of energy access. Women and men have different energy needs and different levels of access to and control over energy sources and technologies. Unless these differences are addressed through targeting women and gender-sensitive policies, we will not achieve true universal energy access. This webinar provided insights on how access to energy, both electricity and clean cooking, impacts women and men differently and how policymakers can increase benefits for women. Engaging both women and men in the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs will be essential to gender-equitable energy access outcomes.


  • Caroline McGregor, SEforALL
  • Annemarije Kooljman, ENERGIA
  • Magi Matinga, Dunamai Energy
  • Govind Kelkar, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
  • Laura Merrill, GSI-IISD
  • Shruti Sharma, GSI-IISD