Sustainable financing for sustainable energy - Managing currency risk for off-grid power

15:00 UTC
07 Dec 2016
16:30 UTC
07 Dec 2016
Online, Global

This webinar is the second in a series co-hosted by SEforALL and Power Africa on Sustainable Financing for Sustainable Energy. This session focuses on managing and understanding currency risk specifically in the off-grid sector. Currency risk is a commonly identified financing challenge in the power sector in developing markets, and the challenges of financing off-grid projects and grid-scale are often distinct. It is our hope that the presentations made in this webinar will help the audience to better evaluate and incorporate currency risk into off-grid business models and identify potential strategies and resources for risk mitigation.


Dirk Muench, Persistent Energy Partners (Switzerland): The cost of hedging & key building blocks of a currency risk management strategy

Brian Cox, MFX Solutions (Washington, DC): Currency Risk Management Through Hedging for Small Scale and Off-Grid Energy

James Doree, Fund Manager of African Local Currency Bond Fund with Lion’s Head Capital (U.K.): Currency Risk Management Through Local Currency Market Development and Financing

Fernando Balderrama, African Development Bank (South Africa): The Facility for Energy Inclusion.

Moderated by Power Africa [with opening remarks from SEforALL]