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Our UN-Energy programme is dedicated to supporting SEforALL’s role in UN-Energy and our CEO’s roles as UN-Energy co-chair and Special Representative.


    SEforALL started as a UN initiative, and although we are now an independent organization, we have retained an abiding connection to the UN given our unique mandate to drive action on Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7). 

    This connection is reinforced through a multi-year partnership agreement with the UN, our role as a partner agency of UN-Energy and by the ongoing appointment of our CEO as the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All, and since 2018, as the co-chair of UN-Energy. 

    UN-Energy is the principal mechanism within the UN system for inter-agency collaboration on energy. It has entered a new phase as it reinvigorates and revitalizes its role: through a recent pledge, UN-Energy now aims to make rapid strides towards ending energy poverty and advancing the global energy transition.

    The outcomes of the 2021 UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy, including the Secretary-General's roadmap, offer a clear path for UN-Energy to support enhanced action on SDG7. 

    We were an integral part of the 2021 UN High-level Dialogue on Energy Secretariat, playing a leading role in the development, coordination and outreach for Energy Compacts. We continue to serve as a focal point for all aspects of the Energy Compacts, which are voluntary commitments to actions that accelerate the pace of delivery of SDG7.


    • Conduct outreach to catalyze new and dynamic partnerships through breakthrough Energy Compacts
    • Coordinate the tracking, monitoring and raising of ambition of new and existing Energy Compacts 
    • Support stakeholders in implementing the target actions in their submitted Energy Compacts, such as forging partnerships through the Energy Compact Action Network
    • Collaborate with other UN-Energy agencies on organizing and hosting major global fora, including the High-level Dialogue on Energy
    • Support the Co-Chair of UN-Energy and the Special Representative in her UN-related engagements