Universal Integrated Energy Plans

With only 10 years left to achieve SDG 7.1, governments need to know where to focus, funders need to know which solutions to support, and solution providers need to understand which communities to target. Universal integrated energy planning is a ‘power tool’ that helps direct resources effectively and efficiently to where they are needed the most.

Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) will work with countries that either have no IEP or one that is outdated or not based on the best available data. The plans we support will use digital (e.g., geospatial) and integrated planning tools and techniques to identify the optimal mix of technologies for electricity access and clean cooking down to the community- or settlement-level.

Expected outcomes

Over the next three years, SEforALL will establish a web-enabled, dynamic decision-making tool that shows the least-cost technology mix across energy uses for the 10 countries. This will help:

  • Governments to aid planning, coordination and resource mobilization for universal energy access efforts;
  • Utilities to prioritize grid densification and/or extension to communities where it is most cost effective;
  • Mini-grid developers to find suitable sites more quickly and reliably;
  • Off-grid solar companies to identify attractive sales regions, cross-check customer information and better plan distribution channels;
  • Clean cooking solutions companies to identify attractive sales regions, identifying resource availability and household affordability to serve areas with new and improved cooking solutions;
  • Donor and investment communities to fund and finance solutions.

With this programme, SEforALL will rapidly develop IEPs around which (policy) decisions can be made within a short timeframe and with which donors and solution providers can direct their funding and efforts to specific IEP-based initiatives.