Achieving Sustainable Energy for All’s broad goals requires workstreams that deploy unique strategies or focus on key issues that are not getting sufficient global attention.

Among the key strategies we have identified to advance our goals is energy access finance and the urgency for increasing it exponentially, especially in developing countries with the biggest energy access gaps. Our Energizing Finance work aims to unlock finance flows so that faster, broader gains can be achieved on access to electricity, clean cooking, efficiency and renewable energy.

Another new strategy we are pursuing is our People-Centered Accelerator, a partnership with more than 40 other groups that aims to advance social inclusion, gender equality and women’s empowerment in sustainable energy efforts globally. The Accelerator was formally launched at the UN Climate Conference (COP23) in November, 2017 in Germany.

Among the key global issues that requires more public attention is fast-growing global demand for cooling solutions, such as air cooling equipment, refrigeration and other cooling appliances. With global temperatures and populations increasing across the world, demand for this equipment is unprecedented.

In an effort to meet this demand and do so sustainably, SEforALL and the Kigali Efficiency Program launched a Cooling for All initiative in 2017 that aims to identify the challenges and opportunities of providing access to affordable, sustainable cooling solutions for all, especially in poor countries most vulnerable to rising global temperatures.